Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Michaelina!

Maid RPG, a d6 based tabletop RPG in which the player is an anime style maid working in a master's mansion. It is light and fun game that can be anything from the ~moe fueled adventures of a group loli maids in a perverts mansion to maids vs. giant fighting robots, whatever the group chooses to play. Maid RPG is fairly light in the rules department and heavy in RP. It is in this format that i have created my character Michaelina (Since there isnt really a feminine form of Michael).

(S)he is a transgendered maid who had an abusive father and no mother. He was the oldest of 4 sons and filled in for his mother who had died giving birth practically raising his 3 younger brothers until they were grown and left home. While they went off to college he became a maid. He is 6'2", and shoulders as wide as texas, and needs to wax/shave daily to avoid having a full beard. In his spare time he is a computer hacker and he fights using a scythe that he can summon from thin air.

That is an example of a character that you can randomly roll for on one of Maid RPG's many character creation tables.

Hopefully my group will start play in a week or so, i'll post on how it goes but it sounds extremely fun so far.


  1. Sounds interesting. Suppoting.

  2. I've decided that im only letting you have that character if you base it on Kamon no Maid Guy.

  3. This sounds pretty cool. I've always wanted to try a tabletop RPG.. Was thinking of starting with D&D?

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  4. Hahaha, that looks hilarious! But, I don't think I trust anyone enough to really... "explore the possibilities" of that game in a group, hahaha.