Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Stars In The Sky

I've hit a bit of a wall while constructing my world. To try and get some of the creative juices flowing I've recently spent a great deal of time stargazing. While lying down on the grass looking at the stars i was able to write a bit about the night sky on my world.
What happens after death has long been a concern for humans but on my world the inhabitants know that when they pass their soul will leave them and orbit the planet as their corpse is returned to the earth. While above the planet they circle around it like starving animals waiting for a chance to be reborn. The souls in the night sky vary in brightness, color and the speed in which they orbit. To one not used to it, the night sky is a magnificent display of dancing will-o'-the-wisps, but to an inhabitant it reminds them of their inevitable death and that it may take them centuries of being no more than a light in the sky before they can be born anew.

also just for funsies here is a link for a music video i think is pretty coolio